Tonight’s Line Up

Join us tonight for a great line up of hilarious short films.

Pick A Hostage (4:27)

When two incompetent bank robbers are instantly surrounded by cops, they are forced to pick a hostage…but which one?

Wipeout (5:14)Wipeout_444_poster_with_laurels3

A man with chronic Obsessive Compulsive Disorder falls in love with a beautiful female jogger, and takes up running in a bid to win her heart.


One Night in Hollywood (11:23)

Two Indie filmmakers find the perfect investor for their film. However, he has one deal point – that they kill a rival studio executive. That doesn’t seem to be a problem. But, agreeing on an ending to their film seems to be their biggest challenge!

Banging Intervention (4:00)

A friend hosts an intervention for a friend who doesn’t have enough friends.

We’re Working On It (13:00)

Neal and Al resolve to create a work of art that will explore why creative collaborations seldom pan out.  With Al only in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks, the race is on to actually do something. Will this project finally bring them the recognition they feel they deserve, or is it doomed to be forgotten, like so many projects before it?

Tara: Lupenetti: Dog Matchmaker (1:34)

Tara Lupenetti explains the in’s and out’s of her difficult job. Sometimes matchmaking dogs can be a real bitch.

LA Picker: Episode 6 (5:19)

This is the story of Sally, a vintage geek, who attempts to build an online business despite being thwarted by her arch-nemesis picker Jonathan. What’s the price of success? Negotiable. In Episode 6, Sally and Jonathan go to an estate sale as a team, but it looks like Sally may be up to no good.


Ford Focus (1:21)

A parody on the decadence of luxury car commercials, starring a used 2007 Ford Focus hatchback.

Dad Bod (0:45)

A new fragrance from Calvin Klein made especially for the Dad Bod …and it’s driving women crazy.

Silver Dogs  (18:00)

A recently divorced stand-up comedian, homeless and living in his car, struggles after his ex-wife forces him to take their two senior Weimaraners. Starring San Francisco stand up comedian Matt Lieb.

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Festival Director of the New Urbanism Film Festival ( Board Member for MidCityWest Community Council ( Communications Coordinator of Noodles&NewUrbanism ( Stand Up Comedian and Comedy Writer ( Regular at All Saints Beverly Hills (
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