Congratulations to 2016 Lineup!

Congratulations to the directors and producers, casts and crews of these film projects. Thank you for sharing them with us at ACME Film Nights, we are excited to share them with live audiences at this summer’s ACME Film Fest.

  • The Barber’s Cut
  • Squatch’n
  • The Hand Job
  • A User’s Guide to Expediant Portfolio Assessment
  • A Chance Encounter
  • Stakeout!
  • The Venician
  • Italian Miracle
  • FANTASTIC LOVE GYM web series (Episode 1-About Juri&Dongwan)
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Mi Casa, Su Casa
  • Misiek and the bloody monitor
  • Welcome Home, Loser!
  • Flower Rainstorm, City Hippie
  • Tara Lupenetti, Dog Matchmaker
  • Positive
  • Getting In
  • We’re Working On It
  • Dad Bod: By Calvin Klein
  • Pat & Julian Deal Some Drugs
  • Dime
  • Jewish Blind Date
  • Here’s Jane
  • Silver Dogs
  • Bwah-Bwah
  • The Ford Focus: Stimulating
  • Wipeout
  • If Charlie Was a Girl
  • Sprinkles and Buttons
  • Pick A Hostage (Short)
  • Mr. Bastard
  • Date-o-phobe
  • Accelerator
  • Banging Intervention
  • Accidental D!@k Pic
  • LA Picker: Episode 6
  • Atomic Couple!


All these films are going to make for an incredibly hilarious and fun nights. More info about screening times TBA.

About jnpaget

Festival Director of the New Urbanism Film Festival ( Board Member for MidCityWest Community Council ( Communications Coordinator of Noodles&NewUrbanism ( Stand Up Comedian and Comedy Writer ( Regular at All Saints Beverly Hills (
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